In children, the disease develops rapidly. This is due to the small size of the airways and incompletely formed immunity.


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Surgical intervention is indicated for patients with severe and irreversible changes in the lung tissue. Operations are performed with abscess formation or neoplasm. Patients remove part of the affected organ - a segment, lobe or whole lung. Sanatorium-resort treatment is carried out in order to restore the body after a serious illness. Alternative medicine and herbal remedies often complement the therapy prescribed by the doctor. Usually, honey, propolis and other bee products are used, which effectively strengthen the immune system. Garlic and onion have a similar effect. Decoctions and infusions are used to relieve intoxication and fight microbes.and chamomile, calendula, sage, wild rose, raspberry. Eliminate catarrhal symptoms will help inhalation with potato broth. preventive procedures.

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The most effective physiotherapy methods include. chest massage, inhalations, compresses, electrophoresis with antibiotics and bronchodilators, UHF therapy, vibration therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, oxygen therapy, magnetotherapy, exercise therapy, ozocerite and paraffin applications, mud therapy.

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